SOLD: RRC2+ with 3D Printed Sled, Battery, Switch, Wiring - $63

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SOLD: RRC2+ with 3D Printed Sled, Battery, Switch, Wiring - $63

Postby patelldp » Wed Nov 11, 2015 9:50 pm

I have one RRC2+ 38mm assembly for sale. This includes a new RRC2+ altimeter, a 3D printed sled for a 38mm av-bay, a 400mAh LiPo battery, Schurter rotary switch, and the necessary wiring. All that's left is for you to build an altimeter bay and add deployment charges!

These items (not including the wiring) retail for $66.35, not including shipping. The battery isn't even available from sparkfun at the moment, it's currently backordered! All items are new, never flown. This is an amazing entry level altimeter and this system is wonderful for those smaller kits from Wildman which are sure to be damn near close to free on Black Saturday.

Links to the products included:

RRC2+ Altimeter!/RRC2+-Altimeter/p/28645468/category=6735554
3D Printed Sled!/RRC2+-38mm-Li-Ion-Modular-Sled-System/p/35226723/category=9045099
400mAh battery
Schurter Rotary Switch!/2-Pole-Rotary-Switch/p/24591187/category=5760490

Dan Patell
TRA 10904 L3

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