small ignighters

The electrically triggered means to get your motor started.
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Re: small ignighters

Postby patelldp » Sat Nov 21, 2015 7:48 pm

asandoval wrote:Mix your NC lacquer in a quart-sized paint can from Home Depot/Lowes. The seal on these is less affected by the acetone than the seal on a mason jar, and when you drop it, you don't get glass and NC lacquer everywhere. (From personal experience!) You'll have fewer problems with it drying out.

Add baby food glass jars to this list. Despite being glass, you can just about chuck them at a brick wall and they will survive. They allow you to have a smaller quantity on hand, as well. If you want some...I have plenty because I have a baby!

asandoval wrote:You can also use real NC solids from

That's what I have on hand now. Works great.
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